young adult ministry

Young Adults

We meet throughout the year every Sunday at 6:30pm at the Ferguson's home.

Contact us for information and directions.

Are you in college or a young adult in your 20's? Let the next step on your faith journey be the First Presbyterian Church Young Adult and College Ministry. 

Haven't been to church in a while? Looking for a new church home? Looking for a vibrant, non-judgmental, sacred space to explore what kind of person God is calling you to be? At FPC, we are dedicated to creating an environment for people attending college and others in their 20's to encounter, explore, and enjoy spirituality in day-to-day living in ways that are biblical and relevant. 


Our Vision

Our church's vision statement says we are "Becoming a community of faith, hope, and love; committed to knowing Christ and making Him known." This involves embracing the larger story of God's redemption in our lives. It also involves telling our stories to each other and others so that we have a sense of community emerging out of our shared stories and united by our common story -- God's larger story. It furthermore means we must be living the Story by being authentic, purposeful, and real so that others will be drawn into God's larger story as well and come to know His good purpose for us in His Son Jesus Christ. Join our community of young adults and college people who are gaining new perspectives, focusing on true priorities, and experiencing God's grace in ways that are refreshing and real. 

For more info about FPC's work with young adults of our community, contact us.