community groups

Coming to Sunday service is important, but your spiritual life needs more than what you can get from such a "large group" gathering of God's people. Enter the concept of "small groups." Small groups, or Community Groups, are an excellent way of getting involved with other members of the body here at FPC Niceville. The interaction with others allows you to learn more about others in the church, encourage them and pray with and for them. In other words - ministry. You will also be encouraged and grow spiritually in the process. Just ask anyone who is currently involved in a community group. 

Below is a listing of the groups currently in operation. They each have different names and formats but a common purpose -- to help build the sense of community we target in our vision. Please contact the points of contact listed below and get involved. We would love to have more groups available so let Rick Mallick know if you are being led to start one up. It really isn't as hard as it sounds. 

1. Adults/Couples

  • Every Sunday 6:00pm, Covenant Bible Study - Bob and Lynn Burnet's home (850-897-3716)
  • Every Wednesday 6:30pm, Bible Study - FPC Cry Room with Rich Sander (850-897-3195)
  • Every Tuesday, 6:00pm, Young Single Adult Bible Study - Campbell home (850-678-8763)

2. Men

  • Every Monday, 7:00pm - FPC Men's Ministry @ FPC Youth Center (Bob Steele: 850-279-6393)
  • Every Wednesday, 7:30am - Breakfast @ Front Porch Restaurant at 306 Bayshore Drive (Dave Hull: 850-897-7592)

3. Women

  • Monday, 9:30am - Women's Bible Study @ FPC (Chris LaPorta: 850-897-1282)
  • Alternate Thursdays, 6:30pm, Women's Bible Study @FPC (Louise Grider: 850-897-2054

4. Young Adults

  • Every Tuesday, 6:00pm, Young Single Adult Bible Study @ The Campbell Home.  Click here for more details about Young Adults Bible Study.