Women’s Ministry Charter

 This Charter is written for the purpose of defining the principles and outlining the general structure of the Women’s Ministry under which the Women’s Ministry Team and Advisory Team will strive to provide leadership, vision, and support to the women at First Presbyterian Church, Niceville (FPC). Everything written here is intended to be in alignment with the overall purpose and vision of the Session of FPC.


 The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to support and encourage every woman to have both a personal relationship with Christ and to strive to extend His Kingdom in every area of her life, home, church, community, and throughout the world.

 The logo for the Women’s Ministry, “Woman to Woman,” with the statement of purpose, “Women encouraging women to grow in relationship to Christ and service to others,” succinctly embodies the goals of FPC’s Women’s Ministry.  The two primary goals are (1) to enrich women in their understanding of, and walk with, God, so that they are (2) better equipped to serve Christ, His Church, and others.


The Women’s Ministry shall be under the authority and jurisdiction of the Session of FPC.

The Women’s Ministry is a member of the Gulf Coast Women’s Ministry (GCWM) and will maintain a relationship of mutual support and concern with the GCWM at both the Presbytery and General Assembly levels.


The Women’s Ministry Team will consist of three (3) women who will hold their respective coordinator positions for a minimum of one (1) calendar year. These positions are as follows:

  • The Administrative Coordinator will serve as the Session POC as well as the POC for financial matters. She will also be responsible for ensuring/supervising the accuracy and timeliness of the Women’s Ministry page on the FPC website.
  • The Spiritual Development Coordinator will be responsible for identifying studies that meet the spiritual growth needs for women’s small groups; this will be done in concert with the respective group leaders and Session, or its designee. She will also oversee the planning of special programs, such as retreats and conferences.
  • The Fellowship Coordinator will be responsible for the planning/oversight of women’s fellowship events. She will also be responsible for the publicity of all women’s events, programs, and small group studies.
  • During October of each year, the Women’s Ministry Team will work with the Women’s Ministry Advisory Team to identify potential candidates to fill their positions as they prepare to transition out of their offices.  When new candidates are identified, the names will be provided to the Session for approval; once approved, a member of the Team or Advisory Team will approach the candidates.  Upon acceptance by the candidates, new Team members will assume their duties by January of the next year. 

The Women’s Ministry Advisory Team will consist of at least two (2) women who will hold their positions for a minimum of two (2) calendar years. These women will provide guidance, support, and accountability to the Women’s Ministry Team. The Women’s Ministry Advisory Team will also identify their potential replacements and coordinate with the Session; upon approval by the Session and acceptance by the candidates, these women will assume their duties.

Revised and Updated January 2016