FPC Children's Ministry ADULT VOLUNTEERS 

This page is dedicated to encouraging and equipping adult volunteers in their desire to serve God through serving children.  If you are not currently a volunteer but are looking for information on our current needs, then check out the following links...

Wanted: Adults Volunteers


This page is divided into 2 main Sections: 1) Awana and

2) Kids Connection/Jr. Church.

Volunteers can find pertinent information in appropriate places... 



Awana Volunteers  Check out the Awana Calendar for 2014-15 with Theme Nights

For helpful ideas and information see the International website for Awana at http://www.awana.org/leader_resources/default.aspx

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Kids Connection and Junior Church Volunteers

Kids Connection occurs during the Adult Sunday School hour from 9:15 to 10:15 on Sunday mornings.  We offer 4 age groupings with different formats...

*Toddler (2 to 3 years)--simple Bible stories and activities with optional curriculum, Show Me Jesus.  Leaders man this class on a rotational basis. A short story time with optional activity is provided.  And, during the rest of the hour supervised play is envisioned.  Toddlers meet in the room opposite the nursery. 

*PreSchool (4 to 5 years)--Reformed Press Bible in Life curriculum by David C. Cook. This class meets in the blue, scenery painted room and meets with the Elementary in the blue cloud room for music.

*Elementary (1st to 4th grade)--interactive model with story-lessons, music, Bible memory work, and crafts or games.  Leaders take turns with different aspects of this ministry on a quarterly rotation.  This class meets in the green room and uses the blue cloud room for music and crafts and games.

*5th and 6th graders--How Majestic, which is a study on God's character through discovering His names by Children Desiring God curriculum. This class meets in the red room.


Jr. Church is offered to children who accompany parents to the worship service.  Halfway during the worship service at about 11:15, parents are given the choice to send their youngsters (4 years through 1st grade) with a leader for age-appropriate activities to strengthen their faith and understanding.  Parents may choose to keep their youngsters with them through the adult worship service.


 Please consider and pray about what role God might want you to have with the nurture and training of our next generation... 


For Junior Church Volunteers:

Notes for Leaders and Aids Scheduled for Junior Church

 Schedule for Junior Church  


Teacher Enrichment

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